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How Much does it cost?

As an indication, we charge a MAXIMUM of $5 per tag for multiple items. This cost may reduce based on quantity, ease of the job and return business. We can give you an estimate, if you wish, prior to undertaking the work. A full price schedule is available here. Call 0402631422 and talk to Paul or use our contact form.

Should you wish more information, feel free to peruse the remainder of this website or simply call and we will advise you.

Your Responsibilities

Put simply, under the requirements of Victorian OH & S legislation, an employer is legally responsible for providing a safe workplace, for employees and the public in general, where that is applicable. Schools have to provide a safe learning environment for students. An employer has to identify risks and minimise those risks as far as is practical. You have to demonstrate your "Duty of Care".

Failure to do so can result in someone's death or hefty fines (over $1,000,000) if you are determined to be negligent. That's why we test electrical equipment.